Friday, July 27, 2012


     Those of you who know the kinds of stories I write know that I like my horror and dark fantasy mixed with comedy and weirdness.  In this, I will claim Darren Callahan as a kindred spirit.  (Whether he wishes to be so claimed by me is really up to him.)

     That being said, I'd like to recommend Darren's short film Under the Table, which combines horror with comedy and the weird.  In other words, my kind of entertainment.  It's available on a short DVD, only a little over 11 minutes, and I can't say too much about it without giving away the enjoyment of seeing it for the first time.

     So what can I say?

     Think of it as a story about a trendy restaurant with unusually generous portions.

     Or maybe as a variation of Gallagher's act in a trendy restaurant, only with something weirder and funnier than watermelons and a sledgehammer.

     Or maybe it's just a hyper-awkward situation played out in a trendy restaurant, but weirdened up for our gleeful pleasure. 

     In fact, it reminded me of a Night Gallery episode at its most fun.  I half-expected Victor Buono to crash through the proceedings. 

     The actors -- Danielle Doetsch, Sasha Grishkov-Dance, Cole Simon, Paul E. Martinez, and Brian Amidei -- were all good, certainly better than many actors I've seen in Hollywood blockbusters.  (You know, the ones with the emotional range of flame-retardant foam.)

     And, well, that's about it.  Darren wrote and directed a very entertaining film.  Go and see it if you can.  Please and thank you.

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